What's to love about food co-ops? So much! Co-ops have a cool way of doing things differently. They're people working together for better food, stronger communities and a healthier world. And cooperative grocers are making a big impact. Supporting Local Food Systems and Sustainable Foods.


Change for Change Program: 

Thank you for your support in our transitioning from our Co-op Green Stamp Program to charging 10¢ per paper shopping bag. Last year we went through 339,750 paper bags. By charging just 10¢ per bag, we hope to reduce that number significantly and defray costs of more sustainable packaging throughout the store.

Our new Change for Change Program, a round-up at register, will replace the nonprofit donations that came from ur Co-op Green Stamp Program. Each time you shop at River Valley Co-op, a friendly co-op cashier will ask if you'd like to donate to Change for Change. This rounds your bill to the nearest dollar, with all of the change going to one organization in our community each month.

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Food For All

Food for All is a program where participants receive a 10% discount on their co-op purchases (excluding beer, wine, gift cards, and co-op ownership). The Food for All program is open to everyone in the community, you do not need to be a River Valley Co-op owner to be eligible. To qualify you must participate in SNAP, WIC, or SSI.

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Bike Benefits

Bicycle Benefits is a nationwide incentive program designed to reward individuals and businesses for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health, and the use of pedaling energy in order to create more sustainable communities.

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River Valley Co-op Kids Explorer

Kids ages 12 and under are invited to become a River Valley Co+op Explorer and be eligible to receive [one free banana] per visit!

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River Valley Co-op Community Fund

The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is a nonprofit charitable foundation established by River Valley Co-op's Board of Directors in 2013.  The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is one of 40 individual food co-op funds which are aggregated for investment in cooperative development.

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Co-op Owner Buying Club

Co-op Owners can pre-order full cases at big discounts. Most items are 13%-40% below retail. Catalog and order forms are at Customer Service and online.

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