Food For All Free Local Offering Update

Since April 2023, River Valley Co-op has participated in a Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) grant funded through the USDA. We partnered with the local nonprofit food justice organization Grow Food Northampton to apply for this LFPA grant. Together, we were awarded $120,000 for the first round to reimburse the grant-funded local purchases distributed, and an additional $100,000 was awarded to go through 2025.

This step towards supporting local food producers who face discrimination, including BIPOC, LGBTQ, and women-owned food producers. The combined purchasing power and support offered to these producers through the program will generate revenues and create long-term economic opportunities.

Our For All program played a crucial role in $120,000 worth of purchases from our LFPA grant local producers. These products were distributed to our Food For All program participants at no cost, spacing our community over the grant period ending May 2024. 

The first phase of our LFPA grant has ended. We need time to transition between grants as we move onto the additional $100,000 funds we received in LFPA2. Look for the Free Local Offerings to resume in July.

Food For All Program


Food for All is a program where participants receive a 10% discount on their co-op purchases (excluding beer, wine, gift cards, and co-op ownership). The Food for All program is open to everyone in the community, you do not need to be a River Valley Co-op owner to be eligible. To qualify you must have or present a current MassHealth card, SNAP card, Fuel Assistance Letter, WIC Card, proof of SSDI or a letter from the city about subsidized housing due to disability. Participants can also qualify if they have been referred to us by our local service organization partners due to food insecurity.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the FOOD FOR ALL application, available at our Northampton and Easthampton Customer Service Desks. Applications are also available at the Northampton Survival Center and Food Bank of Western MA.
  1. Bring one of the following for verification of your eligibility:
  • Up-to-date SNAP card
  • WIC proof of delivery
  • SSDI proof of benefits
  • Up-to-date SNAP MassHealth card
  • Fuel Assistance Letter
  1. Bring your application, proof of eligibility, and a photo ID to the Customer Service Desk at River Valley Co-op.

How to Receive Discount

Show this card at the register when you make a purchase to receive your 10% discount. You will be eligible for the program discount through the end of June 2024. You will need to reapply each year to continue participation in the program.

Use of a discount card by anyone other than an approved individual will result in termination from the program.