Buying Club

Buying Club orders may now be picked up in Northampton or Easthampton!

Anyone can participate in it! Just stop in at the store or fill out the form below and let us know what you'd like to order by the case: brand, size, description. 

Please do not double order! If you need to change your pick up location after placing an order, email us at so we can update your order as soon as possible.
If we can get it from any of our distributors, we will order it for you. If you request it, we will contact you to confirm the cost before placing your order.

Co-op owners get 15% OFF their pre-orders by the case.
Non-owners get 5% OFF their pre-orders by the case
Wellness items are excluded from the Buying Club. However, a volume discount (15% off for owners, 5% off for non-owners) will be applied when purchasing six or more of the same Wellness Department item.
Co+op Basics, sale items, and milk are excluded from additional discounts.
Contact to confirm cost before ordering*