15% Discount on Your Electricity for Low-Income Eversource Customers

You may qualify to save 15% on your electricity through the River Valley Climate Justice Initiative

Did you know Co-op Power and River Valley Co-op have teamed up to bring you solar power at a discount?!

If you participate in this program, you will receive a share of the solar energy generated by the panels over the parking lot of the River Valley Co-op Easthampton store. 

You can be a renter or homeowner and be part of the solar revolution! 

For more information, go to https://www.cooppower.coop/rvc-easthampton-solar/

You are eligible for this program if you live in Western Massachusetts, pay an Eversource electric bill, and pay the Eversource R2 discount electricity rate. You may be able to qualify for the discount R2 rate on your Eversource electric bill if you qualify for MassHealth, SNAP benefits, Fuel Assistance, or another social program.

Sign up today your Co-op Power Membership is FREE for the first year! Also, you'll receive a $25 gift card for grocery purchases from River Valley Co-op!

You must have a checking or savings account for online payments and an email address for billing. Spots are limited. Sign up here today!

If you think you qualify, the Co-op Power Team can help! Contact us at the following:

- By email at solar@cooppower.coop

- Or, call us at 413-772-8898, ext. 2 for Community Solar

- Or go to www.cooppower.coop/community-solar-signup