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When you become an owner of River Valley Co-op, you actually own part of the co-op. River Valley Co-op is owned and operated by people just like you - members of the community working together to build a just marketplace in the Pioneer Valley.

The motivating purpose of co-ops is to serve the needs of the owners rather than to generate a profit. When the co-op does make a profit, it is cycled back into River Valley Co-op to increase our services for the owners, or if sufficient profit is made, it is given back to the owners in the form of a Patronage Rebate.

As an owner you are investing in the start-up financing of the co-op and have the opportunity to participate in the business development process. Your equity share will last long into the future entitling you to the benefits of River Valley Co-op cooperative ownership. The co-op currently consists of over 11,000 owners - together we support our co-op to meet our mutual needs for a just marketplace in the Pioneer Valley.

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