Wright Builders Matching Donation Challenge

As the opening of River Valley Co-op’s Easthampton store gets closer by the day, Wright Builders is excited to celebrate this milestone by partnering with the Co-op to support low and moderate-income memberships.

Wright Builders Inc. is offering a challenge to co-op members to match its underwriting of up to 100 scholarship memberships at $75.00 each, to support the community. Seth Lawrence Slavas, President of Wright Builders Inc., noted: “We thought about what kind of gift of appreciation would best express our gratitude for the nearly five-year process leading up to the store’s opening. For us, supporting membership access is a gift that goes to the heart of the co-op and the larger community, and will keep on giving over time has memberships are gradually paid up.” Jonathan A. Wright, company founder, noted, as well, that “it is one way we can mark not only the relationship but embrace the values of this exceptional institution.”

If we meet it, it will provide funding for up to 200 low-income community members to become owners of River Valley Co-op using our co-op ownership assistance program.The program provides 50% of the $150 equity investment required for co-op ownership.Participating low-income community members can pay other $75 in $5 installments. This program, 100% funded by other co-op owners, helps make co-op ownership highly accessible.

Help us match their gift so we can welcome 100 more new co-op owners! 

To donate today, please click the link below: