River Valley Co-op Owners are welcome to attend the regular meetings of the Board of Directors, which are now held via Zoom video conference on a monthly basis, typically the 4th Wednesday of each of month to ensure safe social distancing.

There are five minutes near the start of the meeting for co-op owners to make any comments to the Board of Directors and for the Directors to hear them. If a Board response is required they will follow up at a later date with a response.

Co-op Owners attending are welcome to observe full regular Board Meeting via Zoom. They may not attend any executive session meetings of the Board of Directors which are needed for confidential matters (typically related to legal, real estate, financing or personnel issues).

All River Valley Co-op Owners attending via Zoom Video Conference must complete a request form and be officially accepted into the meeting.  These are private business meetings for the purpose of the Board doing its work of governing the cooperative as authorized and empowered by the co-op owners. These meetings are not open to the public and participants are required to agree to act in good faith by not including others not individually accepted as co-op owner participants in the meeting, recording the meeting, or otherwise using their participation for reporting information to the public. 


Request to attend the upcoming Northampton Community Cooperative Market, Inc Board of Directors Meeting via Zoom Video Conference

I agree to the terms of participation as outlined*