Seeking Board Members: Call for Nominations Now Open!

River Valley Co-op is now seeking applications for nomination to run for election to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors. It’s an exciting time for our co-op as we expand the business from one store to two: one in Northampton and one in Easthampton. If you are a Co-op owner from the communities we serve; if you care about our success; and if you are passionate about helping us achieve our mission of creating a just marketplace that nourishes the community, you are invited to apply! 

Board members work as a team, relying on each others’ skills of listening, collaborating, learning and leading. In partnership with the operations team, we've grown our business through a steady increase in sales, local purchases, customers, employees, and co-op owners. River Valley Co-op has been a source of inspiration among other food co-ops and start-up food co-ops due to its high level of community impact. We’re also credited as a model for our ongoing co-op owner engagement in growing our cooperative. 

River Valley Co-op has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we strive to be anti-racist, and we strongly encourage nominations of people who reflect the BIPOC, LGBTQ, gender, age, and socio-economic diversity of our community. 

The Board of Directors consists of nine members, elected from the general Membership of co-op owners. Directors meet monthly, with an annual retreat, and take advantage of many opportunities for learning and connecting more deeply with other cooperators. Elections are held annually and Directors serve 3-year terms. The three candidates who receive the most votes will be elected for 3-year terms, starting December 2021. 

What does a Director do? 

As a Director, you direct, empower, and ensure the cooperative's financial health and sustainability while meeting the cooperative's mission by nourishing positive economic, environmental, and social justice impacts in our community. We do this by practicing our governance system and by partnering with our general manager. We also engage our community in new owner drives and capital campaigns to build our financial resources.

You will build on the collective aspirations of owners by ensuring the co-op:

  •  serves our community food needs with excellence, 
  • builds a thriving local food economy, 
  • provides excellent co-op employment opportunities,  
  • supports social justice, environmental, and other community-building goals of importance to our ownership. 

You'll get training and education to learn about the leadership role of the Board of Directors, our cooperative business, capitalization structure, governance system, our strategic goals, and how we work with, direct, and hold the General Manager accountable. Throughout the Board's work, there is also ongoing discussion and learning about the larger cooperative, local food, and sustainability movements that we are a part of.  While enjoying a sense of camaraderie, you'll receive support on topics like building social justice in the food system, best practices in governing a multi-faceted business, trends in national grocery retail, and more. 

Every year we seek new co-op owners to be candidates to run for the co-op's Board of Directors in the annual election. Would you like to step up and contribute to this important work? We are accepting applications now!

The deadline to apply is August 31, 2021.


If you're considering becoming a candidate for the River Valley Co-op Board of Directors, please read the following important background documents: