Back to our Roots with Sweet Roots Gardens

In this Local Vendor Spotlight, we're excited to introduce you to Sweet Roots Gardens! We had the pleasure of visiting this lovely small farming collective twice in 2021 to capture the *essence* of their unique and lovely story—from their original home in South Deerfield to the beautiful, spacious new plot of land they're developing in nearby Conway. And just like all their soothing and beneficial products we keep stocked on our shelves, this co-op "double feature" has double the homegrown goodness you've come to know and love.

Owner Sara Coblyn began Sweet Roots Gardens out of a deep passion for gardening. Eventually, she felt an epiphany that would lead her to develop this love into a profession—a hope that she might bring a touch of the very nature that helped her find so much peace to the rest of her local community. With this realization, Sara was inspired to start planning out her new business, and soon after she would begin growing herbs that she could infuse in a range of nourishing wellness products. As Sweet Roots continued to grow over time, Sara's mission would also evolve to include something truly special alongside her established and much-beloved line of wellness products: an experience like no other in the local area that would one day make Sweet Roots Gardens a place where those searching for that similar inner peace and fulfillment she had once found within nature could come and discover for themselves.

Today, Sweet Roots Gardens is closer than ever to achieving Sara's dream. The new location marks the introduction of a tranquil destination for anyone seeking spiritual exploration or agricultural education, where anyone can participate in programs ranging from traditional yoga classes to hands-on gardening workshops for kids, and more. At Sweet Roots Gardens, members of the local communities and beyond will be able to reconnect with nature, explore their spirituality, and of course, enjoy their beautiful gardens and backyard forests while learning all about the growing, harvesting and processing of beneficial native herbs and plants growing wild in our local area. Sweet Roots is truly a one-of-a-kind destination for everything herbs, topicals, oils, natural medicines, and more.

We truly appreciate having had such a genuine, longstanding partnership with Sara for many years now. We're thrilled to follow along with her progress she grows Sweet Roots Gardens into everything she aspires for it to be—a nature enthusiast’s dream retreat where, much like the co-op itself, everyone is welcome to come and experience its magic. Their body lotions, scented oils, and bath bombs are also co-op favorites, as they provide us with both refreshing ways to unwind after a long day, and energizing ones to naturally rejuvenate as it's just starting. They also make marvelous gifts to treat someone special with any day of the week!


Come in today to either co-op location to shop and show your support for Sweet Roots Gardens!

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