P'Frogi by Irida: Authentic and Handmade!

Crafting that perfect batch of handmade pierogies can certainly prove challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the art, which is why we love that we can count on our good friend and longtime local vendor Irida Kakhtiranova to pull them off flawlessly every single time! She takes pride in each batch of pierogies she makes right here in her kitchen in Northampton, packing in plenty of hearty flavors like potato and cheese, potato and cauliflower, and bacon and cheddar.

In sharp contrast to most of the store-bought brands out there, Irida's pierogies are absolutely bursting with savory fillings made from the freshest ingredients possible, many of which she sources from local farms and food producers. She even makes her own hand-stretched dough right there in her kitchen in Northampton... just one bite and you'll taste the difference!


Whether you already know and love the delicious, authentic flavors of Irida's handmade pierogies or haven't enjoyed the experience yet, there is no better time than now to take some home for dinner—all P'Frogi varieties are now on sale at both co-op locations!

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