New at the Co-op: Accessibility Carts

As of August 28th, new carts that better support children with certain special needs are now available at the co-op for shoppers to use.

The carts are designed for children ages 2 to 8 or up to 77 pounds who need extra head and upper-body support. It is identical to a traditional cart but is adapted with an open front, making it easier to lift and fit children into the seat. It includes adjustable head and lateral supports as well as an adjustable, cushioned, five-point harness. The carts are offered by the company, Firefly Friends GoTo Shop campaign.

The Firefly Friends company works through a campaign and cause-marketing basis to build and design products that make the lives of special needs children easier. In addition to the carts they have a changing table available that aims to reduce space in public toilets, which increases the chances of cities and towns acquiring them.

Additionally, the company is working towards developing a network of stores so it will be easier for families to shop at designated stores that offer this accessibility. 


Product photos provided by Firefly Friends Company.

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