Oat Milk from Scratch in One Hour or Less

With this recipe you can make your own fresh oat milk from rolled oats in just one hour or less! This simple and resourceful recipe can be a great alternative to fresh milk, especially if you’re vegan or have a hard time digesting traditional dairy. Oats and oatmeal may provide us with special digestive benefits, partly due to their ability to increase the viscosity of our digestive tract contents. It's worth noting that blood sugar support from consuming oats is a special health benefit. These macronutrients help us keep our blood sugar in check by moderating the passage of food through the GI tract and balancing digestive processes.  Whether you are looking to switch up your coffee routine or simply need a delicious dairy-free beverage to go with dinner, you can make this tasty, nutritious, dairy-free milk alternative in five easy, simple steps. This recipe yields 8-16 oz.

Soak one cup of oats in lukewarm water for 15 minutes

Rinse and drain the oats. This ensures your milk has a nice, creamy and clean flavor

You can add maple syrup, honey or another sweetener to boost the flavor of the milk. You can also leave it plain for use as a milk substitute for prepared meals, it can be used to thicken soups and stews.

Put soaked oats into a blender and blend until smooth. Keep in mind that the oat mixture will initially be thicker than regular milk. If you find it comes out too thick, you can add an additional cup of tap water to thin out the liquid.

Strain once and chill as long as desired. Straining helps keep the oats from a slimy texture and reduces the thickness of the liquid as well.

Oat milk has many culinary benefits and uses in everyday meals. It can be used in creams and soups, as a milk base in smoothies and shakes, flavoring in coffee, a specialty ingredient in casseroles and a milk replacement in other dishes. Many of these recipes may include almond milk or another plant-based milk alternative, wherever it is mentioned you can use oat milk! Here are a few recipes that we’ve handpicked for you to try!


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Oats are a diversified grain that can be made into many different delicious varieties. They boast health benefits rarely found in other grains and can sustain blood sugar while keeping us feeling full. If you’re looking for a milk alternative that can be made easily in an hour or less, this recipe will satisfy that need in a healthy and flavorful way. The internet is a great resource for finding recipes using special ingredients like homemade oat milk - to get started, try this family dinner recipe from Savoring Sustainability!

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