December Change for Change: Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals

The Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals nonprofit helps homeless people across Hampshire County to live with dignity by providing emergency shelter and essential services, creating housing, and advocating for the homeless.

Friends is a non-profit organization made up solely of passionate volunteers. Their mission is simple: to provide financial and volunteer support for the Interfaith Emergency Shelter for homeless individuals and its associated programs.

Through fundraising efforts, they ensure that the shelter's doors stay open through the six coldest months of the year (November – April). Their volunteer meal teams provide warm and nutritious meals to shelter guests each evening, and their overnight volunteers provide backup coverage to the staff. Members of the community can also help by contributing monetarily and volunteering in other ways (e.g. knitting hats and gloves, donating toiletries or socks, offering vocational workshops, etc.).

To make a donation to assist Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals in their crucial work, please click here. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated and goes to helping neighbors in need during the harsh New England winter!

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