August Change for Change: Easthampton Neighbors

Easthampton Neighbors is a member-driven nonprofit organization that provides volunteer support services and assistance programs for Easthampton seniors to sustain independent, active, and engaged lives at home. They envision a society where all stages of life offer meaningful opportunities for growth, connection, and joy—where people of all backgrounds and economic means can age with dignity, purpose, and self-determination.

Their services include...

  • Delivery of food and other goods
  • Moving and de-cluttering household items
  • Home fixes
  • Technical assistance and setup (phone, email, etc.)
  • Rides to appointments, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Short trips around Easthampton
  • Companionship and conversation
  • And much more!

Participation in Easthampton Neighbors' community services is completely FREE for local seniors ages 55+. There are no fees or obligations! For more info, go to or reach out by phone at (413) 225-1338.

Each month at River Valley Co-op, we donate 100% of your round-up contributions made at the register to a designated Change for Change recipient nominated by our community. Thank you for participating to help strengthen and empower local nonprofits here in the Valley!

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