Meet our Staff: Reka

Meet Reka, our Marketing Assistant Manager of Outreach! Reka has a long and dedicated history of working at mission-driven organizations that value community and education. She has taught in the Boston area and here in the Valley, and to this day continues to work as a choral conductor with an Amherst-based local children’s choir—the Hampshire Young People’s Chorus. She was affiliated with the Eric Carle Museum for many years and has also been a longtime supporter of the music department at Smith College. She has even collaborated with a local Latin GRAMMY award-winning musician, Mister G!

Reka has been with the co-op for some time, having previously worked in our Northampton Wellness Department! She loves working with people and was eager to learn more about the work of the co-op—so when that position first opened, she jumped at the opportunity to apply. She transitioned to the Marketing team in the Spring of 2021 and continues to be excited about the collaborative work we do daily and the opportunities she has to connect with our community. 

Reka's days vary quite a bit, but that is one of the many things she loves about her job. She meets with local business owners and area professionals to discuss ideas for free webinars we offer regularly to the community. There is quite a lot of "behind-the-scenes" planning and coordination that goes into running these online classes, and Reka really enjoys putting all the pieces in place for each event. She collaborates on vendor profile projects with her other Marketing team members, which involve filming interviews with owners at local farms like Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton and food producers like Global Village Foods in Windsor, VT. She also does tabling at both of our stores, as well as at local farmers' markets, where she enjoys talking to people about the mission of the co-op. Her work generally revolves around telling the story of the co-op and that of our partners, which is why she loves what she does.

One thing Reka values most about the co-op is our commitment to and deep involvement in the local community. We support so many organizations that are invested in making a difference, so she finds it incredibly meaningful to be a part of this network. She appreciates all the talented, dedicated and passionate co-op employees who work hard to run the store and help customers every day, as well as the staff who support the operations in a multitude of ways. 

When she is not working, Reka is a busy mom with four children—so she is often spending time with her kids. She also loves the outdoors and feels she can fall in love with the Valley sky over and over again, just about every day. At other times, she can be found walking or hiking just about anywhere in the valley. The co-op is incredibly lucky to have someone as dedicated as Reka. Make sure to check out our Calendar of Events so you can join one of our free workshops and say hello to her!

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