Meet our Staff: Jason

Meet Jason, our new Northampton Store Manager! Jason came to the co-op in the summer of 2020—at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Right away, he helped launch and manage our new e-commerce platforms to help shoppers adjust to big changes necessitated by the pandemic, providing those most vulnerable in our community with a safe way to shop. In March 2021, he was promoted to Northampton Store Manager as part of our restructuring to accommodate two stores.

Jason has followed an all-organic, 100% plant-based diet for many years, and as such he and his wife did their shopping at a well-known natural foods store for a long time. When that chain was acquired by a global mega-corporation known for its exploitative practices, they began searching for an alternative that aligned more closely with their values and eventually discovered our co-op. They became owners on their very first visit—and it didn’t take long for Jason to decide he wanted to build a career here, too! Soon after joining as an owner, he left the corporate retail world where he worked for 17 years and began keeping an eye open for career opportunities at River Valley. He eventually applied for the e-commerce position, was hired soon after, and then... the rest is history!

As our Northampton Store Manager, Jason takes great pride in the co-op and how it provides a unique opportunity to put community, equity and cooperation ahead of competition. Some of the things he loves most about it include our wide selection of natural and organic foods and the fact we buy as many locally produced goods as possible. He understands that having such a strong local focus allows us to contribute more to small farmers while giving back to our communities—keeping more money invested in the local economy instead of filling bottomless pockets at the top of the global food industry.

Outside of work, Jason loves to spend time outdoors hiking and running with his wife. They also spend a lot of time at home tending to their extensive garden and small orchard during the growing season. Jason embodies so many exceptional qualities—he is an important part of our co-op community and we are thankful he is here to help us build a better future for all!

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