Meet our Staff: Evan

Have you seen Evan around either of our stores lately? There’s a good chance you probably have! He works in our Operations Department as the Facilities Manager, a role that keeps him very busy at all times as he is constantly traveling between both locations and caring for the many “behind-the-scenes” aspects of our co-op you don’t typically see when shopping! The most fundamental aspect of Evan's job is to maintain, upgrade and repair the various equipment and appliances that keep our stores up and running smoothly. His job, quite literally, is to make sure that everything works so you can get your shopping done both safely and efficiently—things like keeping the coolers, lights, stoves, heat and more in good working order… talk about a big responsibility. But Evan shows us each and every day that he is more than up to the challenge and for that, we are thankful to have him as such an important member of our community.

Evan grew up in the Boston area before branching out to the western part of the state for school around 20 years ago. He kicked off his career in the local nightlife industry, first at a bar where he quickly advanced and became manager. From there, he expanded into working for various other local businesses—particularly restaurants, music venues and nightclubs—and while he did move around Western Massachusetts, he never left entirely because of how much he grew to love and appreciate the area, and all it has to offer. After several years on his previous career trajectory, which routinely required him to work extremely late hours (until 4 a.m. in most cases), he decided it was time for a change and began exploring new options. As his search progressed, his friend Loren (who works in our Finance Department) eventually recommended that he join our growing co-op. Fast forward four years—and the rest is history!

As you might have guessed, Evan is a big music fan and gets many of his kicks attending concerts and live performances—something he has sorely missed through the course of the pandemic but continues to look forward to experiencing again when the threat winds down. Music festivals take center stage among the many adventures and epic experiences he’s had in this regard, with some of his favorites being Austin City Limits and the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco, which he was lucky enough to attend just a few years back. For Evan, one of the best parts about music festivals is the planning and traveling involved. He enjoys going to new events in different states because each one gives him an entirely new city destination to check out and explore. Evan is also a nature buff and an avid bird watcher.

As our Facilities Manager, Evan sees something new every day—and it’s this aspect that keeps him going! He works often with our administrative staff to make sure everything our stores need to function is accomplished both correctly and efficiently. As such, Evan has developed close partnerships with local service vendors like plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians, who are all more than happy to collaborate with him on his various projects. He thrives on coming face-to-face with new challenges regularly—and given the tremendous responsibility of overseeing so many important aspects of our co-op, it’s clear he is right at home here in Operations! So, whether you see Evan in Northampton or Easthampton, be sure to give him a wave and thank him for all he does to keep our co-op working great and in tip-top shape!

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