Meet our Staff: Dominic

Our Easthampton Store Manager, Dominic, is new to both the co-op and our beautiful little corner of the world! After living in various parts of California throughout his life—from Los Angeles during his youth to San Francisco and later San Diego—he and his husband decided to embark on a brand-new life adventure and purchased a home here in the Valley. Together they packed up a small POD, put their animals in the car and drove all the way across the country, moving from a city of 4 million people to one of just 8600—a substantial change, to say the least!

Dom brings 25 years of retail experience and leadership qualities to his new role! He and his husband, Orsulak, who also works as a receiver in the Northampton store, decided to come work at the co-op because of how deeply they resonated with our sense of community and support for other local businesses. They wanted to help strengthen the social fabric that makes our cooperative such a special place—especially at a time when COVID-19 was front-and-center and threatening communities everywhere, as well as a time where cultural divisions were bringing widely understood notions of civility and empathy to their knees. They wanted to not only make their own dreams a reality but also spread positivity, build connections and encourage others to work together—and they felt strongly that the co-op was the perfect place to achieve these things.

The pair has plenty of other goals they hope to realize in the coming months and years, as well. Currently, they're planning to start raising bees, as well as chickens... they even hope to start brewing their own homemade mead, too! Dom is a serious cooking aficionado and spends lots of time mastering recipes. He recently started a garden at home so that he could grow some of his own fruits, veggies and herbs to work with. To unwind, the two enjoy board games like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons—often having friends over for game nights with cocktails and appetizers.

Dom believes in kindness and supporting people no matter who they are, and it's no secret that his genuine and compassionate nature radiates visibly wherever he goes. Once our doors open in Easthampton on July 1st, make sure to stop and send a friendly wave his way if you see him around the co-op!

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