Virtual Workshop: Don't Call it Time Management (Designing Your Time)

Tuesday, 5/24/2022

Virtual Workshop: Don't Call it Time Management (Designing Your Time)

with Kelly Vogel
Owner & Coach, Vogel Executive Function Coaching

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 • 7pm – 8pm

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The clock. The calendar. Our life and work require nimble time management, but our minds and bodies don’t always align with this challenging necessity of life. How do we find personal liberation in the midst of scheduling our days? How do we find time for our passions when the days are filled with meetings and calls? Join Kelly Vogel for a new perspective on time management to help you feel empowered, not limited, by your busy schedule. Taking cues from neuroscience and educational psychology, Kelly will help you re-design your relationship with time so you can get work done efficiently and still have plenty of room for joy.



Kelly Vogel is an Executive Function Coach and an educator with over 20 years of experience. She has taught at Smith College and City College of San Francisco (among others), and has helped people of all ages, skill sets, and competencies find and maintain meaningful transformations. 

Taking cues from current neurological research, educational psychology, and holistic practices, Kelly helps clients experience improvements in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction, and work/life balance.

Most importantly, the tools and strategies she shares are those she uses herself every single day. They have helped her navigate the complications of work, marriage, parenting, and finding balance, not to mention the challenges of the pandemic. In fact, the ups and downs of the pandemic have strengthened her strategies, resulting in greater support for her clients.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly lives in Easthampton, MA with her husband and daughter. Kelly is also a proud owner of River Valley Co-op. 

Learn more about Kelly and Vogel Executive Function Coaching on her website at

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