River Valley Co-op's June Owner Drive!

Tuesday, 6/1/2021

Let's build a better future together... become a Co-op Owner or invite a friend to join today!

A big part of what made our Northampton store successful was that thousands of local community members joined the co-op before we even opened our doors.

Generating that same pre-opening energized community ownership support for our Easthampton store’s success is an important way all our co-op owners can help. 

The success of both stores will support the whole co-op in our work to build a better future together:

  • More Great Union Jobs that Make a Difference Supporting our Community
  • More Support for Local Farmers
  • More Access to Fresh Healthy Local Foods
  • More Local Control of our Food System
  • More Local Economic Strength with Growth of Mutually Supportive Local Cooperative Business Partnerships
  • More Fun!


Click HERE to become an owner!


Already an Owner? Invite Others to Join!

Your help in inviting new co-op owners to join is really important! You are the roots of the grassroots cooperative organizing that is required for growing the co-op movement and building our local resilience and vitality. Cooperative outreach can be a rewarding experience. You get to connect with people you know about why the co-op is important to you and your community. It is easy to invite people to join a cause that means so much to you. You can help open the co-op's doors for your friends and neighbors so they too can become part of something truly special. There is strength in the community and you can help to build it!

We need help your help as co-op owners over the coming months. Are you interested in joining the co-op in this effort? You can help by inviting others in our community to join! It can be as simple as signing up to receive campaign materials that you can forward to people you know or share on social media. There will even be opportunities to earn gift cards, prizes and other rewards. When you refer a new co-op owner to sign up and they list your name on the new owner application, you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card!

image by Janel Jorda of Web-tactics, Inc.

Join our Outreach efforts today!

Click here to sign up: https://forms.gle/Tw6eewL9FhmBjjjBA

Not a co-op owner yet?

Today is a great day to join! It's easy and you'll get exclusive discounts, bonus coupons, some cool thank you gifts and automatic entry into a number of prize drawings!

Click HERE to become an owner!


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