FREE Virtual Class: Herbs for Balancing Moods & Emotions

Wednesday, 3/29/2023

FREE Virtual Workshop:
Restoring Vitality After Viral Infections

with Bonnie Bloom
Clinical Herbalist & Owner of Blue Crow Botanicals

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 • 7pm – 8pm

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How can medicinal plants help us balance how we feel as we journey through our lives? We will look at how particular plants and formulas can help to support the systems where emotions arise: the adrenals, the nervous system, the liver, the brain chemistry etc, so that we can understand rather than be overwhelmed by our feelings and then we can respond from a more centered and calm place.


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Bonnie is a clinical herbalist and the owner of Blue Crow Botanicals, an organic herbal extract company and farm in South Deerfield, MA. She was a staff herbalist at Sojourns Community Health Clinic in Vermont for 16 years and now is in private practice in Gill, MA.


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