Free Virtual Workshop: Gluten-Free Baking - Sourdough Loaves & Starters

Wednesday, 4/27/2022

Co-op Virtual Workshop: Gluten-Free Baking
Sourdough Loaves & Starters

with Sharon A. Kane
Owner, Gluten-Free Sourdough Co.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 • 7pm – 8pm


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Have you been wondering how to make an authentic Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter and Loaf? Learn the time-tested, old-fashioned technique of sourdough bread baking from gluten-free guidelines with Sharon A. Kane, owner and founder of Gluten-Free Sourdough Co.

Sourdough bread baking is a time–tested technique that has been used for approximately 3500 years. The sourdough baking technique utilizes the natural yeasts and bacteria present in the air and on the grain, to leaven bread. Before the invention of commercial yeast about 150 years ago, all sourdough starters and breads have relied on this method.

Sourdough bread becomes highly digestible because the flours are soaked in water in both the starter and during the long rise period. Soaking neutralizes natural enzyme inhibitors in the grain and fosters the formation of probiotics and enzymes which begin breaking down the tough cellulose fibers. This is known as predigestion. If food is predigested, we spend less intestinal energy, thus less stress, digesting the food. Soaking also makes for a more nutritious finished product, as many nutrients become available for proper digestion and assimilation because of the soaking process. As a bonus, the long fermentation period gives sourdough bread both a robust taste and long shelf life.


In this webinar, Sharon will show you how to grow a gluten-free sourdough starter using dehydrated gluten-free starter cultures, gluten-free flour and water. She will...

  • Demonstrate the entire fermentation process from the start until the starter is ready for use in a bread recipe
  • Talk about how to maintain your starter over time and how to be prepared with a backup starter if your initial starter fails
  • Show you how to use the starter in a slow-rise gluten-free sourdough loaf recipe that is made with whole grains and seeds without the use of psyllium seed, xanthan gum or starch flours
  • ...and more!

Brown rice, teff and sorghum starters!

Note: Sharon uses whole grains in her recipes and does not use: dairy, eggs, soy, commercial yeast, starch flour, gums or psyllium seed.

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Hello! I’m Sharon A. Kane, the owner of Gluten-Free Sourdough Company. I am highly sensitive to gluten, as well as to many common foods. Not wanting to give up eating bread, I found a way to make nourishing and satisfying gluten-free sourdough baked goods using only healthful, non-allergenic ingredients.

There was no information available when I began experimenting with gluten-free sourdough bread so I took what I learned from my rye sourdough bread technique and began working with it, using gluten-free flours. After one year of much trial and error, I succeeded! The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking is the result of 5 more years of experimentation and development.

In 2013, I developed a genuine gluten-free sourdough bread mix and opened a dedicated gluten-free and vegan commercial facility. I began with bread mixes and soon after added baked breads and treats, which were well received. For a number of years, I happily baked for customers but recently had to make some changes due to COVID protocols and some of my family members needing care. 

I have begun converting my easier recipes into bake-at-home kits with dehydrated starter cultures included in the flour mix, so creating a starter is not necessary for those varieties.

Next, I am hoping to help people create successful starters so they can use some of the newer kits that will involve using a live active starter that they will grow themselves. And of course, these starters can be used for an infinite number of different sourdough recipes for breads, pancakes, waffles, and treats. 

Experimenting with gluten-free food is my passion. My hope is to help home bakers become successful and creative gluten-free sourdough bakers.

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