Free Workshop: Brain Health

Tuesday, 2/26/2019

Brain Health with Rosamond Wulsin, MPH, CHC, FNLP

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Do you worry about foggy thinking, memory loss, dementia, migraine headaches or some other sign of challenge going on inside your head? Perhaps you have watched elderly relatives loose cognitive function, and worry your turn may be next? This workshop offers an opportunity for participants to interact with other people who are concerned about brain health, their own or that of a loved one.  We will discuss common signs and symptoms of physiological stress in the brain.  As well, you’ll be introduced to an inspiring Functional Nutrition framework, aligned with functional medicine, for thinking about brain health and how it applies to you.



Pre-registration Required.
Call 413-584-2665 or stop by Customer Service.

Location: River Valley Co-op

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