Free Virtual Workshop: Plant and Fungi Allies for Stress

Wednesday, 3/30/2022

Virtual Workshop: Plant & Fungi Allies for Stress

with Laura Torraco
Herbalist & Owner of Sage Green Botanicals

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 • 7pm – 8pm


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Join herbalist Laura Torraco for a deep dive into the ways that stress affects various areas of the body, and how plants and fungi can work as allies to enhance our lives and lessen the impact of both acute and chronic stress. In this workshop we will look at the physiology of stress through the lens of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and immune system and discuss herbs and mushrooms that can offer support to the body, both during acute and chronic stress responses.  We will get into the nuances of which herbs and fungi are most appropriate for the wide range of nervous system and stress responses people experience and offer a deeper understanding of which herb or mushroom to work with and why. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Both the physiology and anatomy of stress response through the lens of the nervous system, inflammation, immune system, and cardiovascular system
  • How to distinguish between acute vs. chronic stress and eustress vs. distress, and which herbs can treat them
  • About nervines, adaptogens, tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, plus how to use them
  • Non-herbal ways to mitigate our stress
  • ...and more!

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Laura Torraco is a clinical herbalist and the owner of Sage Green Botanicals, a brick-and-mortar apothecary located in Great Falls, MA. Laura’s unique approach weaves together modalities that are ecologically informed, blending traditional Chinese approaches, western herbalism, and trauma-informed practices guiding people to connect to themselves and the natural world around them.

Laura came to herbalism after years of nonprofit farming education over a decade ago. They have formal clinical education from Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine, Guido Mase, and Tammi Sweet, and are currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. Laura is also a cofounder of the Bear Paw Collective, which researches and propagates endangered woodland medicinal species, and hopes to inspire others to go outside and connect with the land. 

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