Free Virtual Workshop: Mysteries of Mushrooms

Thursday, 6/10/2021

Free Virtual Workshop: Mysteries of Mushrooms

featuring Martin Bridge
Artist and Educator

Thursday, June 10, 2021 • 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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Join us for an introduction to the fascinating aspects of the kingdom of fungi. These often-overlooked life forms were the first to take hold on land. They are responsible for building and maintaining the soils that support all terrestrial life that has followed. We will survey their life cycles and build a basic understanding of cultivation processes as well as touch on the nutritional and medicinal qualities of many mushroom species, another often undervalued aspect of fungi. We will also touch on the powerful potential of fungi in improving the health of our planet's ecosystems through bioremediation applications.

Learn more about Martin Bridge's work here.


Martin Bridge is an artist and educator who has been studying Permaculture and Mycology for the last fifteen years. His homestead of Araduir—nestled in the hilltowns of the Pioneer Valley region—is designed to stand as a model for temperate climate, home-scale permaculture design strategies. His artwork seeks to bridge realms of science and mysticism in hopes of sparking dialogue that explores how we relate to the web of life around us. His permaculture and mushroom-inspired works have appeared in international publications, and his portrait Time Scout appeared in a PIP magazine memorial article following famed permaculturist Bill Mollison’s passing.

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