Free Virtual Workshop: Making Wild Herbal Sodas

Tuesday, 7/20/2021

Free Virtual Workshop: Making Wild Herbal Sodas

featuring Jade Alicandro Mace
Owner of Milk & Honey Herbs

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 • 7pm – 8:30pm

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Wild sodas are sparkling, non-alcoholic beverages that can be made easily at home using just a few simple ingredients—water, raw honey and fresh (or dried) herbs. They are fermented and probiotic with a sweet and fizzy flavor, and they can be made with a huge variety of herbs. Fruit can even be added, depending on your preference! The wild yeasts found on the plant material and in the raw honey are what cause the fermentation, hence the name "wild" soda. In this class, we'll explore how to make these delectable herbal beverages from both fresh and dried herbs. Jade will demonstrate different recipes and provide handouts for continued learning, as well!

Check out Jade's upcoming in-person bioregional herbalism classes, From the Roots Up, with summer and fall sessions now available. To participate in her monthly online herbal classes, become a Patreon patron with a monthly membership by clicking here.

Learn more about Milk & Honey Herbs here.


Jade Alicandro Mace weaves a love of bio-regionally abundant herbs and kitchen medicine into her work as a community and clinical herbalist. When she’s not teaching bioregional herbalism to students and apprentices, you can find her roaming the hedges with her harvest basket in hand or at home in the kitchen brewing up some potent food as medicine. From 2012-2019 she ran the Greenfield Community Herbal Clinic, a clinic dedicated to affordable herbal care, and currently maintains a long-distance and local clinical practice. She offers seasonally-based bioregional herbalism classes, teaches monthly online classes through her Patreon community, and offers a 6-week kitchen medicine online course each winter. She makes her home in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts.

Learn more about Jade's work at or follow her on Facebook or Instagram at @milkandhoneyherbs.

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