Free Virtual Workshop: Beyond Salads with Leslie Cerier

Wednesday, 7/7/2021

Virtual Workshop: Beyond Salads

featuring Leslie Cerier
"The Organic Gourmet"
Farm-to-Table Chef, Cooking Teacher & Cookbook Author

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 • 7pm – 8pm

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Learn how to prepare delicious vegetarian salads with seasonal veggies, fresh herbs, beans, pastas, grains and cheeses, as well as add texture with nuts and seeds! You'll also discover how to make quick and easy dressings, plus versatile vegan and gluten-free salads... and much more!

Cilantro Mint Dressing
Teff Salad
Lemony Quinoa Salad
Mediterranean Salad
Healthy and Delicious Meals!

Want to learn more about Leslie Cerier and all of her amazing services? Click the logo on the left to access her official website, which offers personal consultations for optimal health, menu planning and recipe development for individuals with special diets. Click the logo on the right for details about Leslie's private hands-on organic farm-to-table vegetarian cooking classes!


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Leslie Cerier, "The Organic Gourmet," is an internationally renowned farm-to-table chef, cookbook author, motivational speaker and cooking teacher specializing in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals for optimal health and pleasure! She celebrates the earth's bounty by adapting meals according to what is freshly picked and plentiful at any given time.

As the author of six cookbooks on healthy foods, Leslie spends much of her time training professional chefs around the world. She develops recipes for organic and natural food companies to adapt to their products, as well as helps individuals with dietary sensitivities establish meal plans that promote healthy lifestyles.

Leslie has been featured in Organic Spa magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and The Vegetarian Times. Additionally, she has been a frequent guest appearing on TV and radio segments nationwide.

Leslie Cerier, "The Organic Gourmet," currently resides in Shutesbury, MA, where she regularly offers Gourmet Getaways—combining organic lifestyle, slow living, optimum nutrition, farm-to-table meals and private hands-on cooking classes right from her garden!

You can learn more about Leslie's work at, and be sure to follow her on Facebook or Instagram for frequent updates!

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