Fall Owner Drive!

Sunday, 10/1/2023


Our October Owner Drive is a great time to join the co-op!
Become an owner of River Valley Co-op today and help build a better future together!

Click Here to Become an Owner

October is Co-op Month, so we’re celebrating with an Owner Drive to welcome new owners into our community!
Our co-op is 100% owned by 15,600 (and counting!) individual owners who each invest in a single $150 share of equity to invest in the co-op as a shared asset that benefits the community. Co-ops are a vital business model to support and grow for building stronger local economies through community-based businesses.

As a co-op owner, you will join others who are just like you and become part of a community working together to build a just marketplace. By purchasing an ownership share, you are investing in the financing of the co-op and have the opportunity to participate in its continued development and share in its success. You will have a voice in the co-op's future and work together with us to support our community's need for a healthy and sustainable local food system.

Why sign up now? Everyone who signs up during our owner drive will receive a FREE River Valley Co-op branded gift! Additionally, at the end of each week in October, the names of every new owner who signed up that week will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!

There are so many great reasons to join the co-op, especially right now during our fall Co-op Month Owner Drive! By becoming an owner, you will...

  • Receive a welcome package with over $35 in coupons
  • Get a 10% OFF coupon for a one-time shopping trip
  • Receive a FREE River Valley Co-op branded gift
  • Be entered into a drawing for a $100 River Valley Co-op gift card
  • Take part in Owner Appreciation Weeks, where you can get 10% off a transaction
  • Be able to participate in our Buying Club and save 15% on full cases of products
  • Get access to exclusive deals in our Co-op Owner Bonus Buys flyer (bi-weekly)
  • Be eligible for annual Patronage Rebates whenever our co-op turns a profit
  • Engage with our democratic process by voting (and having the option to run as a candidate) in our Board Elections

...and much, much more! Click here for more details on ownership and how to join: https://rivervalley.coop/ownership/become-an-owner


Did you know? You can join River Valley Co-op and pay your equity share ONLINE! Invest in the co-op now with simply the click of a button and you'll have access to all the great perks and free gifts that come along with our ongoing Owner Drive, plus so much more. There’s never been a better time to contribute to building a healthy and sustainable local food system!

Click Here to Purchase an Ownership Share!


Location: Both Stores • 330 N. King St, Northampton, MA 01060 • 228 Northampton St, Easthampton, MA 01060

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