Earth Week Bulk Sale!

Sunday, 5/2/2021

In celebration of Earth Week, we'll be passing along some great savings to shoppers who visit our Bulk Department! Buying in bulk is great for a number of reasons:

  • Less packaging waste—you can use your existing containers for bulk without having to buy new ones.

  • Reduced carbon energy footprint—fewer materials are needed for transportation and storage.

  • Get more, save more—with bulk purchases, there's no need for additional packaging costs.

  • Exact quantities—buying what you need and only what you need minimizes the potential for food waste.

In addition to all the usual benefits, River Valley Co-op shoppers will have the opportunity to get 15% OFF all bulk purchases between April 21st - May 4th (excluding pre-packaged items)! No matter if you're a seasoned bulk shopper or new to the practice, our Earth Week Bulk Sale is a fantastic opportunity to join us in building a more sustainable world and a better future for all.

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