Arts Night Out: GaBrilla Ballard - Healing Abstractions

Friday, 3/9/2018


Arts Night Out Exhibition and Reception for GaBrilla Ballard in our Café gallery.

Friday, March 9th | 5 - 7 pm

GaBrilla Ballard is an artist, musician, writer and mother born and raised in New Orleans, LA. More information on GaBrilla and her work can be found at GaBrilla's reception will be accompanied by The Wards, an Americana acoustic duo.


Artist Statement   
I believe we all have the potential to be conduits for higher messages of truth and healing which transcends language and words when we open ourselves up to an image that wants be brought forth through us. Painting and working with an image has facilitated the birth of deep insights and guidance through different stages of my life. I have been painting since I was very young (10 years old) Some of the images have brought deep comfort in times of despair. Through the process of creating some of my work, I journey through various stages of my psycho/spiritual growth and development to bring forth a deeper expression of who I am and how I see the world.

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