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Vendor Profile: Family Farmstead Dairy

One of the co-op’s top priorities is to partner with socially and environmentally conscious vendors and distributors. We seek out small farmers from the region who offer responsibly made products that are beneficial to the earth and the health of our community. This road eventually led to Family Farmstead Dairy in Central New York, where a small family farm recently started a small creamery founded on the values of ecological sustainability and family wellness. 

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Vendor Profile: CADIA® Brand

CADIA® uses honest, simple ingredients in all their products to bring you delicious choices for any occasion. They believe in sustainable farming and sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Their long-term partnerships with trusted farmers allows us to bring reliable, quality products exclusively to your neighborhood natural market.

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Vendor Profile: Little House of Thyme

written by Sandy Skura

How it happened was simple: I had an overabundance of herbs in my garden, my Dad took a walk over to visit and asked me why I looked so puzzled standing in my garden. I told him I had too many herbs, and he replied quickly with what changed my life “Then start a business.” That’s all it took! I liked to cook, so I began writing recipes, then I would start trying different dips, dressings, seasoning out on family and friends. 


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Vendor Profile: Winter Moon Roots

written by Michael Docter

You probably know us from eating our delicious winter carrots, beets, parsnips, Macomber rutabagas, and Asian Radishes after shopping at River Valley Co-op. We love growing for RIver Valley Co-op because their customers  have a special love for our local farms.

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Vendor Profile: Local Potato Farming Expert Interview

We’re loving this time of year as all the gourds, root vegetables, and other seasonal bounty start to surface and show up on our shelves! It is bittersweet as the summer produce season is officially over, but you can get excited about the spicy, fall flavors and products that are staples of fall. On the cover of our bi-weekly fresh sales flyer, we are featuring Atlas Farm in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. 

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