Pre-order a Thanksgiving turkey by November 17th to receive a coupon for $10 OFF a purchase of $50 or more when you pick it up! Pre-order in-store or using the form below today!


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Note: If you are ordering more than one of any single item, please type the quantity of each in the special instruction section. For example, if you want two 15 pound Stonewood turkeys, type "Two Stonewood 12-15 Turkeys".

We do our best to have your turkey weigh as close as possible to the size you order. However, we cannot guarantee exact sizing, please indicate your preferred sizing in the special instructions box below.

Misty Knoll Farm | New Haven, VT
StoneWood | Orwell, VT - $3.19/lb
Misty Knoll Farm | New Haven, VT - $3.99/lb
Organic| Previously Frozen - $3.99/lb
Custom Processing