Can you help us launch Expedition Easthampton?

Invest in our Wild About Growing Local! Co-op owner Loan campaign to help us open the Easthampton store

Can you help us open the Easthampton store?

Opening a store in Easthampton is the next step in the co-op’s journey. It will help us serve our customers better, offer more employment opportunities for our staff, and move us forward in our shared aspirations for a growing local foods movement.

Owner Loan Info and Signing Sessions

We have scheduled some special times for co-op owner loan info and signing sessions. Co-op owners interested in considering a loan are invited to come by the store and find out more about the program. Refreshments will be provided. Drop by during any of
the follow times:

➔ April 18, 3-6pm

➔ April 24, 3-6pm

➔ April 26, 4-6pm

➔ April 27, 9:30am-noon



Co-op owner loans are a type of “slow money” local investment. Co-op owner loans are as essential now for making the Easthampton store a reality, as they were in 2007 to make the Northampton store a reality. We are seeking economic development program financing that will enable our owner loans to leverage about $4 million in outside funding that will not need to be repaid. This is a way you can earn interest on an investment that makes every dollar of your financial support go even further for the co-op!


Co-op owner loans are only available to River Valley Co-op owners now through May 18, 2019. See offering document for complete info.

• Minimum loan amount is $2,000 (maximum is $250,000)

• Simple interest is paid annually, principal is held until term maturity

• Co-op owner loans are unsecured and subordinate

• Lenders select terms from 7–10 years and interest rates:

  • Up to 3.5% on loans below $15,000
  • Up to 5% on loans of $15,000 and above
  • Up to 6% for loans of $10,000 and above at 10 year terms


If you’re interested in making a co-op owner loan please contact Jade at, call (413) 486-0097 or fill out form below for more information.


How would you like us to follow up with more information? Please enter email, phone number or address to mail loan information.