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9 Local Apples to Try This Season

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many shoppers are thinking about what to buy for the upcoming holidays. Apples are one of the biggest staples of the season, and can be seen in Halloween treats to Thanksgiving dishes. In addition to peaches, apples are one of the biggest crops in western Massachusetts and are a huge part of the rural local economy. This time of year is probably the second most bounty-filled - after summer.

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Reasons to Fall In Love With Seaweed

Many New Englanders this time of year go to the beach and often have a variety of seafood: cod, salmon, swordfish, shellfish, etc. but did you know that sea vegetables are more and more becoming a larger part of the seafood category? While the Japanese were one of the first groups of people to jump onto the benefits of seaweed, the nutritional benefits are quite surprising! Seaweed has been known to be nourishing for those who have certain deficiencies.

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New Items July 2018

This month we've got a few new exciting products on our shelves! As well as several being on sale. Check them out!

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