2019 Celebration Dinner & Annual Meeting

Friday, 12/6/2019

Calling all River Valley Co-op Owners! Join us for our 2019 Celebration Dinner & Annual Meeting at Mill 180 Park in Easthampton! Tickets are just $5 and are available at the Customer Service desk.

All co-op owners are invited to attend our Annual Meeting & Celebration Dinner for a night of good conversation, food, and fun! Come learn more about your co-op and join in the discussion about where we've been and where we're going.

Food and art are both expressions of culture with stories to tell. The co-op incorporates art into its operations in many ways from supporting local arts events to holding art shows in the cafe to including local art in the store decor. This year we are trying something new: presenting our annual meeting reports in a more artistic format with the support of Easthampton artist Gabriel Harrell.

Gabriel is a Bread & Puppet Theatre artist (as well as Bread & Puppet Board Member) and founder of The Rural Academy Theatre in Easthampton. This year, with their expertise and support we are turning our Annual Meeting presentation into a performance including an illustrated hand-cranked rolling scroll "stage", puppetry, and kazoos!

Come to our Annual Meeting & Celebration Dinner prepared for some good food and a bit of puppetry theatre fun. Keep in mind while Gabriel is a pro at this, it will be our first time live performing the annual reports. View our FY19 Annual Report here: http://rivervalley.coop/our-co-op/newsletters-annual-reports, and then come see it performed live!

Evening Agenda:

• Mingle, eat, drink, and see our Annual Report presentation
• Questions & Answers

• Introduction of Board members and candidates

• Expedition Easthampton performance
• Questions & Answers
• Final call for ballots to elect board members

• Adjourn meeting Dessert until 9pm

Location: Mill 180 Park in Easthampton!

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