Free Workshop: Living Locally

Tuesday, 2/19/2019

Living Locally with Minimalists of Pioneer Valley

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


We may have thought about how to simplify our lives and be intentional about the “things” in our lives. We’ll be discussing the value and complexity of “living locally”, our different perspectives on this, the implications for us and the community, and more.  Some aspects may be clear like getting food from a local farm but other things are more nuanced like our news sources, entertainment, or relationships.  Join us for a lively conversation about living locally.  We’ll be exploring together and sharing both questions and experiences.  We will try to have a staff member of the coop introduce some of what they are doing focused on locally sourced food and products.

Pre-registration Required.
Call 413-584-2665 or stop by Customer Service.


Location: River Valley Co-op

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