CouchMusic.Live Presents: ReBelle with Naia Kete & Imani

Friday, 2/19/2021

and the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center present a series of live-streamed performances honoring Black History Month, sponsored by River Valley Co-op and Atkins Farm:



Please join us in this celebration of how Black music enriches our collective culture and community!

Friday, February 19, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST
SUGGESTED ENTRY: $0 - $20+ (Pay what you want)
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A conversation ~ raising the sparks ~ the justice movement before us ~ signifying our orbit in a revolution of love around the sun. An evening of original music ~ a musical family assembling the force of their combined musical legacy ~ Black Rebels, ReBelle, SayReal ~ Naia and Imani are Kalpana and Manou's daughter and son and grew up playing in the band and touring in the U.S. and Africa. Their evolutionary voices inspire our community to heartfelt esteem and radical movement work.
Love is the key. Their family legacy is the harmony. Community engagement is the octave. Love for humanity.
Also featuring special guest Sun Sooley streaming from Africa!

"ReBelle does some heavy channeling in their live shows. When ReBelle performs, concert halls become churches and for several hours, at least, people come together."
 - Valley Advocate
“Few bands brave the more difficult challenges of composing new, intelligent and trailblazing music…ReBelle is one such band.”
 - Dirty Linen
"Multilingual, multinational and multi-talented succinctly describes ReBelle."
- Dub Missive
ReBelle is a formidable musical force conceived in love, rebellion and the evocative musical vigor of Emmanuel Manou and Kalpana Devi. Their eloquent musical composition runs along limbs of Rasta, elements of Jahzz and folk, poetic insurgence and ardent rhythms.
Kalpana and Manou’s energetic voices persuade a human race toward potent change-making. Nothing remains the same after a ReBelle experience. If you want to dance as you dream; chant on the move; find yourself in the compelling atmosphere of origin, then come to ReBelle. They will more than meet you there. They’ll take you there.
In their music and their lives, ReBelle is an intergenerational and intercultural band from Africa and America. Founded by Emmanuel Manou and Kalpana Devi, the ReBelle story is rich in a foundation of love and powerful musicianship. ReBelle plays all original music, sung in four different languages, English, Wolof, Creole and French. Their powerhouse vocalists chant meditations on liberation while the band propels roots reggae soul. The band’s mystical mix of pulsing tribal rhythms, guitar and tight harmonies is internationally acclaimed. In Africa, performances include the Blaise Senghor Institute in Senegal, Reggae Sunsplash in Senegal and Baia das Gatas Festival in Cape Verde. ReBelle is heard on airwaves throughout Africa, Europe, Jamaica, the Americas and the world. In the U.S., along the east coast, from Maine to Florida to California, ReBelle has performed hundreds of concerts at noted festivals, venues and colleges including the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, SOB’s, Fire Water Festival, Harmonic Convergence Festival, Bel Chere, LEAF Festival, Ziontific, Vermont Reggae Festival, Ocean State Reggae, sell-out crowds at the Iron Horse Music Hall, Pearl Street Night Club, The Roxy, House of Blues, Reggae Sunsplash, New England Reggae Festival, Guilford College, Warren Wilson, Hampshire College, UMASS, Amherst College, Smith College to name just a few. ReBelle is committed to the ascension of humanity to love, unity, freedom and peace throughout the world.

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