The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is a nonprofit charitable foundation established by River Valley Co-op's Board of Directors in 2013.  The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is one of 40 individual food co-op funds which are aggregated for investment in cooperative development. The earnings of River Valley Co-op’s Community Fund can be donated to local nonprofits selected by the co-op, while the invested funds continue to support co-op development in our region. The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is administered by the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. We’ve built up our funds with donations from our co-op, our co-op owners and matching funds from some of our vendors to $138,000 over the last few years.

David Thompson, President of the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation explains, “There is much to be thankful for in the world of food cooperatives. Through a series of good deeds and contributions from co-ops, funders, and vendors, the Cooperative Community Fund (CCF) grew in 2015 by leveraging another $3 million of much-needed funds for co-op development. We call growing these funds the Give Where You Live Campaign. Each local fund serves as a means for local co-op owners, shoppers, and vendors to make donations to an endowment that donates to local nonpro t organizations.”

Links to Owners

The Cooperative Community Fund program is the leader in developing linkages to co-op owners. No other national donation program run by food co-ops gets its message to so many co-op owners and customers. No other national program raises as much money from food co-op owners and customers to give back to the communities that our food co-ops serve. The 40 CCF food co-op sponsors of our Give Where You Live program have now donated over $500,000 to local nonprofits.

The capacity of the CCF grows every year. Impact through regional reinvesting pursues reinvesting the funds it receives from each region back into development organizations that fund cooperative development in that same region. David Thompson said, “In this way, the CCF capital works hard for co-ops in the regions from whence it came. Successful co-op development occurs when all of the ships in the co-op convoy arrive safely at the same port. Among the different ships in the co-op convoy are: members, boards, lawyers, accountants, consultants, developers, bankers, and funders. By all of us being engaged in cooperative development together, we can shave years off our shared voyage.”

The Board will use interest generated annually by the fund to make donations to qualifying local nonprofit organizations that contribute to the quality of life of Pioneer Valley residents.