Co-op Green Stamp Program

Heres how it works:
Every time you fill a reusable shopping bag with your grocery purchases at the co-op you earn a co-op green stamp, when you've filled a green stamp card with 10 stamps you'll earn a $1 off coupon for your current purchase, or you can donate $1 to the selected monthly non-profit. Each completed Co-op Green Stamp card you submit will be entered in our monthly drawing for a $50 Co-op Green Scout Award gift card. Donation jars are also available at the register for additional optional donations each month. The monthly Co-op Green Stamp non-profit donation recipient is selected co-op owner  nominations and votes.  

You can nominate a local nonprofit that serves our community in areas of social justice, education, or environmental protection:
To nominate a local non profit to be voted on to receive Co-op Green Stamp Donations, complete a nomination form at the customer service desk or fill out form below. Please note, nominees that do not receive the most votes, but do receive 10 votes or more the first month they are nominated, are automatically renominated for a second month. After two months, a new nominations form must be completed again.

Monthly timeline:

  • Nominations are due by the 20th of each month.
  • Voting is completed by the 29th of each month.
  • Donation collections begin on the 1st of each month.

Note: Only co-op owners are eligible to nominate organizations and to vote. One vote per membership.

To nominate your favorite organization, stop by the co-op fill out a nomination form at the Customer Service Desk or fill out form above. Only member-owners are eligible to nominate. If you nominate an organization that is not chosen, you are welcome to re-nominate that organization at a later date by completing another form. An organization that receives winning votes may not be nominated again within 12 months of the month collections are made.

Recipients to date have included:

  • American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter Disaster Response Team
  • Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Blue Star Equiculture
  • Casa Latina
  • Center for New Americans
  • CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture)
  • The Conway School
  • Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society
  • Fertile Ground Farm-to-School Programs
  • Food Bank of Western Massachusetts
  • Friends of Hampshire County Homeless Individuals, Inc.
  • The Garden: A center for grieving children and teens
  • Grove Street Inn Shelter
  • Grow Food Northampton
  • Hadley Angel Garden
  • Hilltown Community Health Center
  • Interfaith Help Fund
  • Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Fund
  • Kestrel Trust
  • Monadnock Community Market
  • New Orleans Food Co-op
  • Northampton Living Wage Coalition
  • Northampton Survival Center
  • North Star Self-Directed Learning for Teens
  • Phoenix House
  • Prison Birth Project
  • RideBuzz
  • River Valley Market Low-Income Membership Assistance Program
  • Safe Passage
  • Shelter Sunday Coalition
  • Northcountry Co-op Disaster Relief Fund
  • Voices from Inside
  • Whole Children
  • Amherst Survival Center
  • Broad Brook Coalition